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Benefits of Blockchain

Benefits of Blockchain       Since the internet first emerged in 1983 there has been an exponential increase in global connectivity which has allowed for new industries like e-commerce to flourish. As the internet began to emerge and evolve from being used solely by academics to being used by everyday people, the world wide web presented extreme potential and investors took notice. The internet was not well understood by most people at the time, in fact, many thought the internet was just a passing fad. Due to all the potential the internet held to disrupt a number of industries, money began flooding into stocks of companies who claimed to be working on anything related to the internet. Financial markets began to bubble up as Internet-based companies grew rapidly. The NASDAQ reached incredible heights, as did skepticism surrounding the valuations of companies.     The internet has allowed for overall societal progression in a wide range of fields varying from digital bankin

It's Time We Ditch the Dow

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average carries an incredible amount of financial history, dating all the way back to 1885. The historic stock index is named after a formal Wall Street Journal editor and Co-founder of Dow Jones & Company, Charles Dow. The index consists of 30 large publicly owned companies that are based in the United States. The index was originally calculated by using a price-weighted mechanism, thanks to Edward Jones, one of Charles Dow's business statisticians. When the index was first created it didn't matter much that the companies were price-weighted. Industrial companies in the late 1800's and early 1900's were a fair barometer of the strength of the economy since the second industrial revolution was currently taking place. Technological advances allowed for a boom in steel, rail, and oil industries, hence the "industrial" average. This was all perfectly acceptable for a time when the industrial companies accounted for a significant c