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Venezuela Launches the Petro

   Introducing the Petro    When Bitcoin first emerged in January of 2009 there was an incredible amount of excitement surrounding its potential. The excitement was shared, but for many different individual reasons. On one end of the spectrum, you had excitement surrounding the peer to peer blockchain technology which eliminated any need for a trusted third party, allowing for truly decentralized transactions. While on the other end of the spectrum you have central banks along with policymakers who would love to reap the benefits of digital currencies underpinned by distributed ledgers, which would allow for an unprecedented amount of oversight on their currency, while simultaneously fearing the dangers of unregulated cryptos. The benefits and impacts of digital FIAT currencies are currently being researched and tested by various central banks and governments around the world including China, Sweden, Paraguay, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Japan, the United States, and in Vene