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The Long-Term Economic Narrative Hasn’t Changed (Mar 24th, 2020)

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto I find it almost too easy to get caught up with everything in the news. In the age of information, it’s virtually impossible to escape it. A constant bombardment of information can skew one’s perceptions in a drastic way when they aren’t careful, invoking fear, greed, pride, and plenty of other undesirable emotions. These emotions can be amplified with unexpected shocks like being laid-off from your job or watching your wealth decline as the stock market viciously sheds. When a “ Black Swan ” event like the COVID-19 epidemic emerges, you see many people react in a panicked manner, as people become conscious of the previously unforeseen risk. While this pandemic may be the largest nominal supply and demand shock the global economy has ever seen, we are still on course to enter the fourth industrial revolution and COVID-19 may be the catalyst

An ETF For a Pivotal Emerging Technology

Blockchain technology possesses an incredible amount of potential for improving business functions across most industries. With all this promising change, surly it makes for a solid investment. However, the ETFs geared towards this emerging industry requires deep digging to see if they're positioned well enough to give investors the most bang for their buck. This is an exert from an article I wrote for Seeking Alpha. Follow the link below for the full piece!