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What Lies Ahead; Predictions for the next 10 years (Written in January 2020)

*This was originally written in January, but I never published it because it wasn't complete, and felt a  bit lack-luster. I never went back to revisit it, but since there have been some notable events concerning tik-tok, etc, I decided to publish it in its raw form. I apologize for the beginning, just scroll down for better content, and thanks for reading/visiting* As this new decade slowly emerges, I can't help but ponder about what these next ten years could possibly bring. Over the past 10 years, we've witnessed the emergence of some incredible new trends and technological advancements. A few brand names that come to mind that didn't exist at the beginning of 2010 such as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Instagram, and Amazon's Alexa all now seem cemented into our society. These all shifted the way we think about certain things, from the rise of the gig economy to Instagram's morph of social media to a visual experience to Alexa becoming a household name as a virtual as